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Girlie by Deomora Girlie :icondeomora:Deomora 0 4 Germand Tamero by Deomora Germand Tamero :icondeomora:Deomora 1 0
Bojan wants to play.
"You're screwed, boys." He looked over the pair, grinning, with the glint of madness in his eyes.
"Your boss should have told you not to pick a fight with the older boys..."
Bojan had been cornered in an alleyway, it was filthy and hardly no people. The ones who were there were the homeless. They made sure to keep their noses out of his trouble. Bojan didn't need help though. The boys were maybe 20, 25 at the most, and they looked fresh, right out of the secure homes of their parents. He had seen them before. Minor crimes, drugs, robberies and the alike. Assult? Never. And he was a trained killer, himself, after all.
He was leaning against the wall behind him, relaxed, while the boys were waiting for the other one to actually start. They seemed a bit nervous. They did have some imagined honour to live up to though, so when Bojan pushed away from the wall and took a few steps towards them, one finally got some balls and advanced towards the older man. The boy aimed for his face, silly b
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Någon sa en gång till mig att skriva ner min historia innan den skulle glömmas. Jag tyckte det var befängt på den tiden, men nu börjar jag förstå varför. Alla glöms, framför allt de som är som mig. De som ingen kommer ha när slutet närmar sig och man ligger för döden. Så, det här är min historia, eller nåt.
Etain föddes på Irland, Dublin, närmare bestämt, i en skitig lägenhet i de fattigare områdena. På den tiden hette hon något annat, något helt vanligt. Hennes föräldrar var båda arbetslösa, men de försökte så gott de kunde med vad de hade. Hon hade inte egentligen någon konstig uppväxt, på det sättet att det borde ha satt så tydliga spår i henne. Dock, redan från barnsben så märkte föräldrarna att något var konstigt med henne. H
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Bojan Kasun
Bojan Kasun. What to say about this man? He's a drunkard, a slob, and a hunter. Who would ever let him hunt, you probably ask? His boss, would be the obvious answer. He doesn't hunt deer or rabbit, he hunts the unnatural, the supernatural. He's done it for a few good years now, and he's good at it. He wouldn't be alive if he wasn't. Even though it felt like a close call right now.
Originally he's from Serbia, moved as a young child though, to Sweden, to settle down with his parents in Stockholm, where his father got a job as a plumber and his mother as a cleaner at a rather big school. A school where Bojan started when he was seven. His childhood at home was filled with abuse and loneliness. His father was a violent man, but he left the mother alone, and only let out his temper on Bojan. It hardened him, the small child learnt not to cry, just to annoy his father even more. He never cried. His mother always turned on music to silence the muffled screams from her young son. She ignored
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Random girl by Deomora Random girl :icondeomora:Deomora 0 0 Your friendly neighbour Zesch. by Deomora Your friendly neighbour Zesch. :icondeomora:Deomora 1 4 Me as Fenrir by Deomora Me as Fenrir :icondeomora:Deomora 0 0 Suited up! by Deomora Suited up! :icondeomora:Deomora 1 2
Leverans -Swedish-
Det var ett kargt, ogästvänligt land han hade kommit till. Jorden var obrukbar och vinden pinade från havet och den där vaga doften av salt gick att skönja i pustarna. Såg han ut mot havet så gick det till och med att ibland se en hög våg som slog upp mot klipporna som omgav nästan hela kusten. Han visste att det här landet bara hade en stad och det var precis vid kusten där bara de mest våghalsiga la ut med båtar. Nej, skulle varor fraktas till staden, så kom de landvägen. För även om jorden inte gick att odla, så växte det små buskar och träd med ätbara rötter och bär. Ibland, om man var snabb nog, kunde man se en hare flyga förbi med en liten vit räv efter sig. Allt var smått här, hästar, getter, till och med människorna var korta. För nog var det bara människor som var dumma att bosätta sig här. Inte ens dv
:icondeomora:Deomora 0 0
Everyday hero
A person, someone you know can be a everyday hero.
An everyday hero are a person who, no matter what, helps people in need.
Ask for nothing in return and gives his or her life for people they hardly, or don't even know at all.
Firemen, police and doctors are the obvious everyday heroes, but those who work hidden are even more special.
The ones that with a kind word helps you when you're down, a parent, a friend, a grandparent.
Those who doesn't even need to say anything, only put an arm around you and make you feel safe. No words needed at all. You know they help you and support you. No matter what.
Those are the real heroes. No super powers or fancy clothes. Just an old man dressed like an old man usually do, or that ordinary friend that noone understand why you're spending time with. Those who lift you when you're down and sends your selfconfidence through the roof. Those are the heroes. Heroes that loves you, loves mankind.
The ones that helps an old person over the street, or help
:icondeomora:Deomora 0 2
One gaze and I get all warm
One kind word and I shiver
One hug and I'm pleased
One kiss and I would fly
One question and I would get and answer
One question, but I do not dare to ask
:icondeomora:Deomora 0 0
There was a heavy knock at the door, and I turned my gaze towards the figure in the bed.
It was one of those nights where the sky were pitch black, not a single star was visible, and you couldn't get a glance of the moon. The snow lay gray and dull outside the window. It seemed like the world was coming to an end, even though I knew it would keep on spinning even after this night.
You looked terrified, staring at the door, waving to me to come to your side.
I walked over, slowly, sat down on the edge, just as slow.
Your cold hand tried to find mine, get some warmth, and I met up with it, tried to make it easier for you.
"It's complicated, what we had, what I did..." That was all you said, in a weak, coarse voice. The voice of an old, dying lady. You were my mother. A mother that hadn't done as you should have, left me as a child, abandoned me to a man you clamied to be my father. A lie was what it was. Nothing more than a filthy lie so you could run off and take no responsibility. That
:icondeomora:Deomora 1 3
A bump in the night
It was a warm, pleasant summer night.
A girl, all dressed in white, dancing over the meadows, laughing, singing. Tempting for the man who was walking down the dusty, dirty road.
The girl, trying to make him walk out on the meadow, a meadow covered in fog. Thick, milky-like fog, but not thick enough to hide the dancing girl for more than a few moments.
The man could see she was stunningly beautiful. Long, blond, flowing hair, sensual curves and a voice reminding him about what he had been told as a child about the voice of angels.
He stopped, only to listen to the voice. His eyes closed and his breathing getting slower and quieter, just so he could listen to this angel that was calling to him. Slowly his feet started to move on their own. One step at the time, closer to the meadow. Eventually, one step took him on to the meadow. The grass tickled his bare calves. A calm, soothing feeling came over him as the next foot stepped onto the grass.
A distant sound of footsteps registered in hi
:icondeomora:Deomora 2 19
Elf coloured by Deomora Elf coloured :icondeomora:Deomora 0 4
What was she? Alone, always alone.
Wothless, useless. Knew nothing, couldn't think of anything! The ideas never wanted to take form in her head, the sorrow never put into words. Empty inside out with a heart that felt like it would stop beating. A heart she wish could stop beat. It would be easier, just to let go, vanish. Would anyone miss her? Would anyone care? Would anyone show any sorrow, any sadness of her being gone after the funeral? Would people just continue their lives without a second thought of her?
Maybe vanishing was the answer? The sullotion?
Would it fix her problem? Would people love her when she was dead? Would people care? All those questions.
Why was she incapable to love someone? She could like people, but not love. With love, you have to trust, and trust someone is hard. Impossible, almost. To trust is to share, and to share... To share is to love. Where did she not suit into the equation? To trust is to share... To share is to love.. She had found it.. She couldn
:icondeomora:Deomora 0 2


Gift: Kawaii Twain by animetist Gift: Kawaii Twain :iconanimetist:animetist 91 40 Langtrue - Far as the light by Verdokai Langtrue - Far as the light :iconverdokai:Verdokai 4 4 Com: Ramarus Older by animetist Com: Ramarus Older :iconanimetist:animetist 146 58 Marshall Scumwood Gets a Cell Phone by JohnSu Marshall Scumwood Gets a Cell Phone :iconjohnsu:JohnSu 1,730 125 The Dark Wood by Mr-Kahnage The Dark Wood :iconmr-kahnage:Mr-Kahnage 40 12 Tired larper by Sharpener Tired larper :iconsharpener:Sharpener 344 100
What's Wrong With Me?
            Today I looked in the mirror.
                  All I could think
             was "What's wrong with me?"
                                               My siblings questioned my
:iconakingdomofhearts:AKingdomOfHearts 12 17
Everything is burned.
The sky is raining ashes in an endless attempt to shed what we created.
Structures that stand are crumbling down,
blackened by old flames that had consumed their fill.
You were all we believed in,
a false divinity that we followed in order to feel selfishly protected.
It's all gone now,
we have nothing left to lose.
We-I meant I.
Footprints that lead to only me, because everyone is dead.
The bodies of my friends
and the faces of masked strangers.
The mask they where is but a skeleton's face.
The hands that hold each other no longer have a living grip.
While they were sleeping, you stole away the world.
Everything falling into your void of nothing,
throwing it away into the hole you can never fill.
Is this what they have, for so long, called Hell?
Is this what they believed "God" would protect us from?
Now, what you will never see.
There is no God.
:iconakingdomofhearts:AKingdomOfHearts 7 4
Remember Me?
You've met a thousand--perhaps a million faces.
Remember mine?
Seemed like so long ago, with no flashy introduction, but a simple greeting.
The days long gone, but the memories kept in the vault have stayed.
Simple minds don't seem to think;
everyone makes a difference.
Don't let me go, even if we grow oceans apart through quick-moving eons.
Hand in hand we are no longer,
but the names etched on walls are still marked.
Although the wall is crumbling, the doorway that once stood is still here this very day.
Walk through the open door into the light of memories.
Remember me yet?
We threw our shoes off our feet, we ran along fields of gold.
But I am just another name that no longer has a face,
only because you cannot remember.
:iconakingdomofhearts:AKingdomOfHearts 4 9
Langtrue - Spider by Verdokai Langtrue - Spider :iconverdokai:Verdokai 18 19 Langtrue - The Dog I Am by Verdokai Langtrue - The Dog I Am :iconverdokai:Verdokai 21 21
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Make it Stop :iconrylanthefox:RylantheFox 5 10
Quynn by I-M-M-O Quynn :iconi-m-m-o:I-M-M-O 14 7 Dark elf by I-M-M-O Dark elf :iconi-m-m-o:I-M-M-O 7 0 Gypsy by ver-luisant Gypsy :iconver-luisant:ver-luisant 43 23 Nathaniel by fuchsiart Nathaniel :iconfuchsiart:fuchsiart 2,433 186


Camelot tomorrow. Yepp. Gonna be fun...

Na, just kidding, I'm looking forward to it a whole lot! After that I'm going back home. That's gonna be nice as well. Just take it easy for a bit and meet some friends. Gonna be jolly good fun.

Hopefully I'll get some insperation back, so I can get started with writing and some drawing again. Have this image in my head that I really want to make, but it might be slightly to hard for me, still. I can try though, I suppose.

Anyway! Take care, good luck and have fun, everyone!
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